25% - First Stage
60% - Second Stage
10% - Founders (blocked for 10 years)
2% - Developers Bonus
3% - Bounty


  1. A total of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) SINT tokens are issued. These ERC20 compatible tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

  2. In total, 85% of tokens will be sold, that is 850 million:
    • 25% (250 million tokens) in the first stage of the ICO and Pre-Sale
    • 60% (600 million tokens) in the second stage of the ICO
    • 10% (100 million tokens) remain on the SINTEZ team. Tokens are blocked and unlocked for use by 10 million tokens each year. Completely unlocked for 10 years
    • 2% (20 million tokens) are distributed as bonuses to SINTEZ developers
    • 3% (30 million tokens) are distributed on the Bounty
  3. The first 250 million will be sold at the first stage of the ICO and Pre-Sale, which starts on December 17.

    Bonus for Volume. After the first stage, tokens are immediately given out to the participants in proportion to the amount of funds sended by them in the 1.07 degree. Such a formula sets a certain advantage for those who buy more tokens. In particular, who buys with 10 ETH will receive them at a price lower by 17% than if they buy with 1 ETH. If he buys with 10000 ETH, the price will be almost 2 times less!

  4. Early Bonus. Bonus on Pre-Sale is 100%. Early buyers will receive Bonus at 1st stage of ICO according to the following scheme:

    • Buyers of tokens to the minimum volume will receive a bonus, linearly decreasing from 35% to 25% with the growth of collected funds from 0 to 3000 ETH.
    • After collecting 3000ETH, the bonus drops to 15% and then gradually decreases according to the formula 15% / (0.7 + X), where X is the amount of collected funds at the time of purchase divided by 10000 ETH.

    For example, if there are two buyers - Alice and Bob and both buy with 10000 ether (Alice first and then Bob), then Alice will have a 35% bonus, while Bob has 15% / (0.7 + 10,000 / 10000) = 8.82%. Accordingly Alice receives 250 million * 1.35 / (1.35 + 1.0882) ~ 138mln, the rest will get Bob (~ 112mln.).

    In general, the tokens will be distributed in proportion to the product (1 + early bonus / 100%) * (buy amount in 1.07 degree).

    Immediately after the first stage, tokens enter free trade on crypto-exchange exchanges.

  5. The other 600 million will be sold in the second stage, which will be held every day until all are sold 600 million. At this stage, tokens are distributed each day in proportion to the raised funds. daily emission following rules:

    • The daily supply volume is calculated as the multiplication of the base volume and two coefficients
    • The basic daily volume is 2 million tokens
    • The first factor is 60 / (60 + number of days from the beginning of the stage). This factor is introduced to smoothly reduce output and prevent sharp price fluctuations after the completion of the second stage
    • The second factor is equal to the logarithm of (1 + X) on the base 2, where X is the ratio of the average emission rates of the token from the previous day to the average price of emission for the previous month. But not less than 0.1 and no more than 10. The first month of the second stage, the coefficient is set equal to 1. The average price is calculated as the ratio of funds raised to the number of issued tokens for a given period. It is introduced to suppress strong fluctuations in the price of the token, and establishes the dependence of the current financing on the success of the team and accordingly their assessment by community in the form of a price SINT

    Current daily volume of issue will be published on the site in real time every day.

  6. Registration will not be, only the subscription form with an e-mail. The data will be used for mailings during information events, informing about ICO address settings and instructions.

    For those who want to buy tokens in other cryptocurrencies - it is better to use exchanges, for example or

    We do not recommend sending Ethereum from the addresses of exchange deposits. Use only personal wallets, such


30% - Development
10% - Licensing, broker registration
30% - Marketing, PR, ADV
10% - Infrustructure and Hosting
10% - Founders
5% - Provision for COIN and Smart Invest
3% - Advisors
1% - Bounty
1% - Escrow service


Platform development (30%)
Licensing, broker registration (10%)
Marketing, Advertising, PR (30%)
Hosting and infrastructure (10%)
Founders (10%)
Provision of Coin and Smart Investing (5%)
Advisors (3%)
Bounty (1%)
Escrow service (1%)

If the minimum budget is exceeded, additional funds will be sent to the COIN funding (private Maker, see 2.5 in Whitepaper) and the liquid deposition of the Smart Investing (SINT) (see 3.3 in Whitepaper). Also partially - in the investor strategy of the SINT for the presentation of "cases". That is, in order to show investors and users the possibilities of Smart Investing.

scheme of finance and assets of SINTEZ



  • First, we are trying to determine the long-term growth of tokens due to the qualitative implementation of a global investment-attractive project, which in the long term will be able to integrate all the key economic processes. Our goal is to make a truly fundamental product that will become the basis of the future economy.
  • Potential turnover and demand for tokens can lead to growth, surpassing avant-garde projects like bitcoin and ether. SINTEZ users will support the demand by purchasing tokens to pay for all commissions on the platform. Initially, the commissions are set equal to zero and then will be determined by voting.
  • Burning part of the accumulated tokens will lead to a deficit and an increase in the value of our tokens in the future.
  • The nature of the issue of tokens implies a reduction in the risk of holders by reducing the volatility of SINT. For this purpose, the volume of emission gradually decreases with time due to the first coefficient (see ICO conditions), and in the case of sharp increases or decreases in prices, we accordingly increase or decrease emissions using a second coefficient, which will suppress sudden fluctuations.


To actively vote and identify the interests of the community regarding the development of the SINTEZ economy, we introduce the distribution of some of the collected tokens to those SINT holders who actively vote (Proof-Of-Vote). In order to receive payment, the holder of the token will have to vote for the proposed projects and commissions.


  • Developers of projects (improvements, creation of new services, marketing and others) receive as many tokens as they need to carry out the project in case the SINT holders vote for it.
  • Voting SINT holders receive 30% of tokens (minus projects) in proportion to the volume of tokens they own.


Tokens owners can manage the SINTEZ platform by voting and thus be responsible for its development and growth rate. You can vote for the size of commissions, new projects, SINTEZ work parameters. In addition, SINT holders can themselves offer new projects.


Holders of tokens will have an advantage when using forums. Status on the forum will be determined, including by the number of tokens.


Let us estimate now, how much can SINTEZ holder save money?

To evaluate the growth of SINT, we use the comparison method with similar projects. To assess growth in the short term (1-3 years after the start of the ICO), we present a list of projects with a similar theme:

The chart shows the average price increase for the year and an assessment of the similarity with the SINTEZ goals. In addition, the charts show the current prices in USD and the price at the time of the ICO.

Averaging with a weight equal to the "assessment of similarity", we get growth X11.7 year. Therefore, the expected annual growth of SINT is about 10 times. This is not including additional bonuses for early and big buyers, as well as a deficit due to the burning of tokens.

An estimate of the voting fees for the first year is 4-40 million $ (see detailed justification in WhitePeper). For example, if the total capitalization is $ 100 million, then the distributions will bring 4-40% of the value of the tokens.

A significant advantage of SINTEZ is growth potential in the medium and long term. It is difficult to say what will happen in 20-30 years, but in 5-10 years, we plan to capture at least 1% of the entire investment market, which is incomparably larger than the entire market of crypto-currencies. This is realistic, since additional investments in the project after its creation will be minimal in relation to potential collected commissions. It is advertising, although given the potential benefits for investors-users of Smart Investing and interest in the platform in general, advertising will be largely free of charge due to "word of mouth". We very much hope that the evaluation of our project by SINT buyers will initially be high and these funds from ICO will suffice for the development of the entire SINTEZ complex, so that additional costs for any improvements will not be required for a long time.

Thus, we will get a powerful effect from the scale, in which the limit of growth of the SINTEZ economy will be the volume of the entire world economy, including global investment. If you consider investments in all securities, real estate and commodities traded on exchanges (and the possibility of investing in them involves Smart Investing component), then the investment market now has a volume of about $ 500 trillion. 1% of this amount is $ 5 trillion. Growth from 1 billion $ to 5 trillion $ will be X5000. Then the growth of SINT in the medium term should be a minimum of X5 per year (X5000 for 5-10 years). In the long term, of course, growth will slow, but then our strategic SINT holders will be able to receive a dominant profit from the distributions of SINT. It can be estimated by analogy with the first year that 5 trillion $ of turnover in the form of SINT investment will bring in a year 5 trillion * 0.005 * 5 = 125 billion dollars of commissions, that is, on average more than $ 100 per year will be distributed for each SINT token.

Finally, the SINTEZ platform is not limited to one Smart Investing. Each element will add to the final growth and increase it due to synergy. That can increase the above estimates in another 2 - 5 times!